Submission Guidelines

Submissions are open! Please read the guidelines before submitting. The link to the submission page is at the end.

As time passes, things change. That includes my submission guidelines. While most of my old submission guidelines persist, a few more need to be added.

  1. Please make sure your book is edited to industry standards. It’s best to use both a developmental editor and a copy editor.
  2. Make sure your book is formatted correctly. These are ebooks not web pages. There shouldn’t be any blank spaces between paragraphs. The only exception is when you switch character point of view. Even then, it’s a good idea to have a dividing graphic so the reader knows you’re switching.
  3. I will review just about any genre except for LGBT, erotica, non-fiction, poetry, horror, children’s picture books, and fan fiction. (Exemption for LGBT: I will accept books that contain LGBT characters. But the characters and relationships fall under my ‘no sex’ rule.)
  4. Feel free to submit middle grade books. I quite enjoy them.
  5. If you have explicit sex scenes or explicit violence, please do not submit. I will accept “fade to black” scenes. If you have a single sex scene that is vital to the book, that is also okay.
  6. ALL reviews are my own opinion. I am only one reader among millions. What interests me may not interest another reader, and that’s exactly how it should be. I do my best to showcase your book in the best light possible, so even if my own personal opinion isn’t the best, it could very well intrigue others.
  7. If you cannot handle the possibility of a negative review, do me a favor. Do NOT ask me to review your book. I will NOT be taking down any reviews I make public.
  8. I post my reviews mainly on Amazon and Goodreads. I also announce the review on my Facebook page and eventually Twitter gets a hold of it.
  9. One last thing. If your book contains references to suicide, mental health issues, or adultery, please let me know. I’ll make the call on a case by case basis if I will read the book or not.
  10. I now accept ONLY mobi files. I read exclusively on my Kindle and that’s the best file format.

 My Promises to You, the Author:

All of your files are safe with me. They never leave my hands and will NEVER be placed on any pirate sites. I do not share them with anyone else. The only time that changes is when I’m working with a guest reviewer. They are then held to these same rules.

I walk into every book free from bias. That includes reviewing an author I’ve reviewed in the past. Each book is read and reviewed based on its own merits.

*I have read the guidelines and I believe my book meets your requirements. I would like to submit it for a review.*

17 responses to “Submission Guidelines

  1. Andrew Jonathan Fine

    I have a book I am unsure of submitting to you. It is YA/NA Speculative Fiction, but I generally recommend only 16 years and up read it, as it concerns first love and the ensuing intimacy but most everything is depicted indirectly. Would you consider this to be disqualifying? Thanks.

  2. Would you consider reviewing my collection of short stories, “The Suspect And Other Tales” which is available in the Amazon Kindle store? Many of the stories are in the crime genre and contain an unexpected twist in the tale. Thank you. Kevin

    • E.J. Roberts

      That sounds like an excellent collection of short stories, Kevin. Go ahead and email me a copy and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

  3. Victoria

    Hi there! I was excited to read your review of Mina Cortez. Jeffrey is a great guy! I have a YA Fantasy if you’d care to review it, but I had trouble trying to email you via that link. I was wondering if you could email me instead? I’m sorry for the trouble!

    • E.J. Roberts

      Thank you so much. Jeffrey seems to be great, I chat with him a lot on Facebook. 😀 And I’m always up for reviewing more YA novels. What if I put the actual email without a link, would that help? If I click on a mail to link on a website, it will open up a program on my computer I don’t even use. So I have to copy and paste the info into the program I actually DO use and is set up. 🙂

  4. Hi! Do you also review novellas? I’ve recently published on Amazon my first novella in a series of five. It is a dark fairy tale with lots of twists. And yes, it’s YA Fantasy.



    • E.J. Roberts

      Sure! Though they still enter the book list and it takes me awhile to get to them. If I remember correctly, I have an epic fantasy in the list somewhere that will take awhile to get through. But I’m happy to do so.

    • E.J. Roberts

      No. Most authors request the review first and then wait to see if it’s something I’m interested in taking on. I have only turned down like 2 requests though. Also, if it’s available via KU, I prefer to do that.

    • E.J. Roberts

      Mathew, I’m still reviewing, but got sidetracked by life in general. I’m now working through my backlog and trying to get caught up. My list is currently around 60 books, so it will still be awhile.

  5. Hello Mr. Roberts,
    I have a published epic fantasy saga which I like to send to you. It already has several 5 stars review and an excellent YouTube one.
    It is rather unusual in many ways and the circumstances that enveloped its birth are also peculiar.
    Are you still open for reviews?’
    Note: Sorry for not having website as an author as I am actually an engineer.

    • E.J. Roberts

      Unfortunately, I’m closed for submissions at this time. I do hope to get on top of my list later this year. Keep your eyes open. I will announce it and will hold it open for 20 books. There will be new requirements at that time as well. I hope to see your book in the future.

      EJ Roberts

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