12/12/2017 – If you haven’t read Life Out of Control, you might want to consider it. It sums up why I went mostly quiet for almost 2 years. However, good news. I’m back to reading full time and putting out reviews as soon as I finish the books. There isn’t any schedule I adhere to, so sign up for the newsletter to know when they release. (Tried the schedule thing, it didn’t work out so well.) Sometimes there will be a new review every day, then there are the epic fantasies. By their very nature, they take awhile to read. However, good news. I’m getting down to my final books on my list, only 26 remain. There’s a very good chance I will finally be opening submissions on January 1, 2018. So keep your eyes open. I also added a new requirement to the submissions. I will only accept mobi files. Since I read exclusively on my Kindle, that’s the easiest format. Thanks for hanging in there!

11/21/2017 – Right then. Just accept I’m a sporadic reviewer. My life is insane and I really have no control over it. This is mainly an announcement to let you know I’ll be removing all links to Barnes and Noble and all Amazon links will slowly be migrated to affiliate links. I am also going to add a Goodreads link to allow you to easily place a book on your “Want to Read” list.

7/31/2017 – Quick update. I will no longer be reading books through Kindle Unlimited. At the end of August, my subscription will expire and I have no plans to renew it at this time. Also, I apologize for the sporadic sprinkling of reviews. I’ve started working on a book and I’m working out the best way to balance both my writing and my reviews. Hopefully I’ll get it fixed before long and I’ll be able to provide you with a steady stream of reviews. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter and receive an email whenever a new one posts. That’s pretty much all I use that service for, so you’ll never receive any spam.

6/20/2017 – After a lengthy discussion on Facebook, I have decided that 1 star reviews are going to start appearing on my site. I will also be posting them on Amazon and Goodreads. Why? I need to protect my reviewing privileges on Amazon. Too many reviewers are losing theirs because they won’t post low end reviews. But what will get a 1 star review? Not books I couldn’t read. When that happens, I declare I’m not the intended audience and move on. I will not ding an author for that. What will get a 1 star is a book that I did get into, but couldn’t finished for whatever reason. It could be major editing problems, formatting errors, or the storytelling itself. Readers have the right to know about those kinds of things and make up their own minds. So the full gambit of stars will now be appearing on my site.

6/17/2017 – Well, my plans backfired. That always happens when I try to plan something. I’m currently working through my backlog, so check back for reviews. Better yet, sign up for my newsletter and you’ll always know when a new one goes up. With each one, I’m one step closer to opening submissions back up. Speaking of, I changed my submission guidelines. I went through 5 books yesterday because they didn’t meet them. Be sure to pay attention to the “no explicit scenes” rule. Also pay super close attention to the editing ‘rule’. I am no longer reading books that haven’t been properly edited. I’m looking for the books that can stand with any traditionally published book. So make sure your book meets at least the editing and formatting standards.

1/7/2017 – A Drop of Ink Reviews is continuing to grow! Don’t worry, a new review will be appearing soon, but keep your eyes peeled for a new blog post. Once a week, I will do a list of new indie books that have been released. This will depend on my authors! When it’s ready to go live, there will be a new page appearing where the author can tell me all about their new book. They will fill out a simple form and at the end of the week, I will take all of that data and create a post. Because, as everyone knows, there are way more indie books out there than I can ever review. There just aren’t that many hours in a day! But this way, authors can still get the word out that their book released. Hopefully I’ll have this up and running within the week. So keep checking back, especially if you have a new book releasing soon.

1/2/2017 – Happy New Year!! Okay, I’m a day late, but I took yesterday off from just about everything. Can you believe A Drop of Ink Reviews is two years old? I can’t. However, it’s my goal to make its third year the best ever. I have removed the trial ads. They were never supposed to stay up that long, so sorry about that. I am now in the process of creating two archives. They will appear in a secondary menu bar and allow visitors to browse the reviews by Title or Author. That will probably take a few days to construct, but I’m hoping that will bring new life to the older reviews. The books are getting lost after they vanish off the front page and it’s time to fix that. So stay tuned as A Drop of Ink Reviews undergoes its changes. This is going to be an amazing year.

12/24/2016 – Well then. This year has brought a lot of change for our family and it turns out I don’t handle a lot of change in quick succession well. Only because my husband refused to allow me to give up is A Drop of Ink Reviews still here. Right now, I’m grateful he allowed me to keep the site running since he was right and I did return to it. Which is a good thing since I have some new hopes and dreams for 2017. I’m going to be scrambling to try and get through my backlog. My previous schedule is out the door. I will get as many up as I can, when I can. So to stay up with those, I recommend signing up for the newsletter. I will be starting a Patreon account up here before long in the hopes I can offset the price of my hosting. If I don’t do something, I will need to flip the site to pay only reviews. So to keep them free, consider a dollar or so a month to help keep the site free. I will announce when it’s up and running. I also have plans to turn my reviews into a podcast. I will be hosting them on SoundCloud and embedding the files on their respective pages. Given the number of reviews I’ve already done, this will take awhile. I will begin doing that as soon as I have the necessary equipment. However, my normal reviews will still continue to be placed here as normal. Thank you for hanging in there with me and let’s get this all going again!

3/29/2016 – And… just like that, we’re settled into our new home in a new state. With the new place comes a new review schedule. Instead of posting reviews right after I’ve read a book, I’ve decided to set up a specific schedule. It could change as I get more caught up on my list of books to read, but for now, it’s Monday and Thursday. So be sure to check back on those days for new reviews. As such, I might get pretty far ahead. So to stay abreast of when the reviews release, consider signing up for the email list. All you’ll ever receive is an email letting you know a review released. I put all my news here, so no need to put out a newsletter. I also post a link to the review on my Facebook page, so feel free to follow it. When I can remember how to access my Twitter account, I’ll probably start announcing the new reviews there, too. Never did get the hang of Twitter… LOL So be sure to come back every Monday and Thursday! If I get far enough ahead, I’ll switch the schedule to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday release. Periodically, in honor of a book release review, a review will appear out of nowhere. So definitely follow the site somehow so you don’t miss those!

2/20/2016 – While we were expecting it, it still came out of the blue and put us on a major rush schedule. We are moving. With that said, we’re currently running around out house sorting everything out as fast as we can and that leaves little to no time for reading. So no new reviews will be posted, minus the one that’s scheduled for later this week, until we’re settled in our new house. I’ll see you all in about a month.

2/9/2016 – A friend of mine recently returned from an indie writer’s conference and informed me that my website and reviews had been heard of within that group. Talk about humbling and blowing my socks off. Okay, that’s a figure of speech, but you get it. 😉 I was definitely blushing and hanging my head when he told me. However, it reminded me that what I do is important and there’s no real reason I’ve been putting off the reviews. So this week, I’m working hard at catching up on all of my reviews of books I’ve already read and working hard on cracking down on the list of books I received last year. I honestly had no idea it would take me this long to read them, and I’m sorry. So let’s get this show back on the road and see if I can’t open up the submissions again, soon! I will be moving here in about a month, so that will sidetrack me a little bit, but I’ll still have my Kindle and my laptop with me. It’s possible I’ll still be able to sneak one or two out while we get settled into our new home. Until then, let’s see what I can get done. So hang in there! I’m still reading and reviewing.

1/29/2016 – I’ll admit it! I’ve been slacking. I’m sorry. I’m now a proud owner of a new Kindle Paperwhite to help with some eye strain issues I’ve been having and I’m reading a lot again. Over the next few days, I hope to post several reviews. It’s time to get back on track. Also, the first themed submission is OPEN! Head on over to my Facebook page to find out the details. While you’re there, feel free to like the page. A new themed call should go out every month. So don’t miss the chance to slip your book in! The current theme is MYSTERY. ALL mystery books I already have on my list will be read this upcoming month. I’ll probably mix it up now and then and toss in another genre for those of you who like to swing by and see what books to read. So hang in there while I get back into the swing of things again.

12/19/2015 – Great things are on the horizon for A Drop of Ink Reviews. However, I AM taking off the holidays. I just need a breather before I launch into the newest things set for this site. There’s a special business deal that’s about to go down, but it’s staying under wraps for now. While that won’t change what I do, it does change what might be on the horizon for YOUR book. So only submit your best work for review. Periodically, I will open up my site for THEMED submissions. So watch for those. They will open up for only a small amount of time before they vanish. I have an overwhelming number of fantasy books on my “To Be Read” list. I will need to bring in a few other genres in. Also, I’m going to write a mass of articles designed to help you, the indie author, make your book stand out from the crowd. They’re just small things I’ve come to know over this past year and I want to share with you. So keep watching and I’ll be back January 1, 2016. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

12/4/2015 – As time clicks by and we near the end of December, we’re coming close to marking the 1st anniversary of A Drop of Ink Reviews. It’s been a crazy year, but absolutely amazing! This site is averaging over 1,000 views a month with almost 100k clicks around the site. Absolutely mind boggling. I was not expecting this when I started the site at the beginning of the year. Another thing that I wasn’t expecting was the expense of keeping a site like this running, ad-free, for as many years as I could keep it going. I’m going to have to move my hosting to a month-by-month contract and hope I can come up with the money to keep it running. Some might notice I took away the paid reviews. I didn’t like the idea of doing any of this for pay, even though the money would have helped keep this site going.

So, I’ll ask for donations instead. If you’d like to help keep this site open and help me with operating costs, that would be awesome. You could send a small gift to through PayPal and I assure you every penny would go to help keep this site up and running. Thank you all for helping make A Drop of Ink Reviews the success it is becoming.


11/28/2015 – Recently, one of my reviews upset an author. At the author’s request, I did remove the review. However, this will be the ONLY time this will ever happen. I am truly unbiased in my reviews. I try not to “hurt” an author in anyway. I tend to only post a “negative” review if I believe I’m one of the few people who didn’t like the book. I happen to know that “negative” reviews can draw attention to a book for any number of reasons. One includes the need to read it and prove the reviewer wrong. ;-). The book in question actually had glowing reviews across a large number of platforms, so I was obviously one of the few who felt the way I did.

From this time forward, anything with a 2-star rating or above will appear on my site. I will continue to keep 1-star books between myself and the authors. However, if you, as an author, cannot handle a possible “negative” 2-star review, please let me know NOW, especially if your book is on my list waiting to be read. Reading a book and writing the review takes time. A lot of time… The book that prompted this required 5 days worth of work to read, evaluate, and write the review. I could have read and reviewed several other books in that time period. My goal has always been to help authors and readers.

I help the readers by giving them good reviews on a book without any spoilers. I help the authors by pointing out potential flaws a typical reader would never notice due to the fact I am also a writer. I can especially point out something specific, such as a pacing problem, if I’m currently struggling with the same thing in my own work. I just beg that you keep in mind that 1) most indie reviewers do this for free. 2) It takes a lot of time (Kirkus gives their indie reviewers 2 weeks per book). 3) I am juggling my life, reading, writing, and doing reviews. However, if I can keep from getting too injured, it looks like I’ve found my stride. So let’s get these reviews rolling out the door, shall we?

11/7/2015 – Yesterday, I started a YouTube channel! Now you can put a name to a face along with a voice. At this time, there is only an introduction video, but I hope to start posting new videos every Monday and Thursday. That schedule is NOT set in stone as I just started and I’m not sure at what speed I can sustain. I’m amazed at how much work it takes to put a video together. I’m still learning, so bear with me. 😉 I will cover a few books I have already reviewed to begin with while I head back in to the wilds of the books waiting for my eyes to read them. Once I start rolling those out, they will also get linked to a video as well. More exposure all around! As soon as my channel is old enough, and I have enough subscribers, I will apply for a custom URL. For now, the wonky one will work. I hope you enjoy the reviews!

11/3/2015 – I am not catching up as quick as I had hoped. I’m continuing to have health problems that are interfering with my ability to review, but I am still working through my lengthy list. I hope to post two reviews this week. Also, I have begun writing again, so I’m learning how to merge the two together when they both take up a lot of time. Also, I have decided to remove the Paid Review option. I don’t want the fact people could pay for the first position to become an issue with Amazon. I may be changing the layout of my review site in the upcoming months to allow for authors to pay for advertising space. It will be a way for me to keep this site running, which is currently up in the air as I approach the one year anniversary of A Drop of Ink Reviews being open and my hosting contract is coming to a close. I will do my best to keep this site running and continue to offer free, quality reviews to authors of all kinds.

6/16/2015 – I’ve been having internet issues the past week or so. Hopefully it will be fixed this week as we have a new ISP coming in. When that happens, there will be a flood of new reviews. I have also realized I will never drop down below 40 books on my to-review list, so I changed my marketing promotion to Paid Review Options. There are different review tiers to choose from, though the free ones will always remain available.

5/26/2015 – All of the Amazon links have been updated with new GeoIP tracking! That means, by clicking on one of the links, it will automagically take you to YOUR country’s Amazon page.

5/5/2015 – Be sure to check out the new Marketing Promotion! It’s something brand new for this site and will hopefully keep it running ad free for many years.

5/1/2015 – The site is back up and running. Hopefully later today I will get a new option opened up on this site as well. I’m reading the next book to be reviewed, so hang in there! The site isn’t dead. Life just happened. 😀

4/14/2015 – I thought I’d set up a news page because this blog might appear dead. I promise you it’s not! I recently underwent surgery and it took me longer to recover than I thought it would. That’s always the way it is, isn’t it? However, I’m recovering nicely and hope to start reading again soon. Pain pills and thoughtful reviews just don’t mix. 😉 I hope to have a new review up in the next few days, so hang in there!

If you’re waiting for your book to be reviewed, don’t worry. I will get there. My list is a bit long and I’m going to keep submissions closed until May. That way, I can get caught up a little and not feel so overwhelmed. However, come back because I am hoping to announce a new option at that time. But first, to catch up a bit!

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