Do not Pressure Your Child

Proper motivation is a positive experience for children. One of the fastest ways to cause a child to become unmotivated is to heavily pressure him to get his homework done in a timely fashion.

Take into consideration the pressures children already have on them by the time they arrive home from school. Their days are full of listening to teachers, reading books and, most likely, peer pressure from friends or bullies. Many parents make the mistake of immediately pressing them to do their homework when they get home.

Allow your children time to unwind from the day and find a way to refocus their energy. Take time to speak to them about their day and be willing to listen to any troubles they may have. Praise them for good efforts but avoid being too negative with their failings.

It is helpful to set a scheduled time for homework to be done within and, while you should encourage them to complete it on time, if they do not succeed, allow them more time. Distractions should be avoided during this time.

Effective Homework Motivation

Bribes for Homework Do not Work Well, but Rewards Do

There is a large difference between bribing and rewarding your child
According to “Positive Guidance for Hard-to-Handle Kids,” a report issued by the North Carolina State University, “A reward focuses on good behavior. A bribe focuses on bad behavior.”

When children do something well or unexpected, giving them a reward as positive reinforcement will assist them in learning that what they did was the right thing to do. If, however, you bribe your child into actually doing the homework, by offering an item or money ahead of time, this may help in the very short-term, but will quickly turn into larger bribes being needed.
Combine rewards with verbal praise, hugs and kisses. Make a big show of it when they do something right, and downplay the bad things that happen.

A Positive Environment is the Biggest Motivation

When the environment that the child resides in is filled with positive energy and love, he will be far more motivated to complete his assignments and be a positive person himself, than when he is surrounded by negativity and strife.

If the home environment is not welcoming and warm, it will only make things that much more difficult for the child to advance. Children in the society of today are faced with more negativity than ever before, so having a safe and protective environment for them to live in is the best help you can give them.

This is especially true in cases of children with learning disabilities. Their time will already be difficult, especially in finding motivation to complete their homework. Make sure to always pay attention to their needs.

Be willing to help where help is needed, play soft music when they are working and allow frequent, small breaks. These little things can make a big difference to your child. Remember, you are a role model to him; if your attitude about homework and school is bad, his will be, too.

Learning these and other techniques of motivating children to do their homework will help them learn that it is not something to be frustrated with or scared of, but something to help them grow. They will learn that completing their work is a skill that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

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