About this Blog

I am an avid reader and sometime writer. I have a whopping 1.5 novel-length manuscripts under my belt, so I have some idea how difficult it is to write anything. However, I have come to realize I’m more of a dabbler when it comes to writing. I don’t have the drive or the discipline to work on a regular basis on anything creative. The desire to write comes and goes with time, but never my love of reading.

Because of this, I have decided I’d put both of my skills to good use. I’d love nothing more than to focus on indie authors. They are the ones who are incredibly brave. They have faced down their inner demons and put something out there for the world to read. Many times, they have had to step aside and publish their own work as traditional publishing houses have their own obscure rules on who they’ll take a chance on these days. Sometimes, those authors can’t face down the final demon of being rejected many times before their work is accepted. Either way, new and aspiring writers need readers. That’s where this blog comes into play.

My goal is to read these unknown authors and review their works. I want to help them get their name out into the world and encourage others to read them. Join me as I review their books and explore new genres and new authors you won’t find on your library or bookstore shelves.

One response to “About this Blog

  1. JE Hannah

    I come to your site for I can ” bank” on the reviews being sound and right on the mark.
    Appreciate the time it takes for helping these unknown authors…..Im sure they are thrilled when you choose their book!