A Drop of Ink Reviews Book of the Year Award for 2015

Bestof2015 for websiteIt’s that time of year! The time when I take a look at all of the 5-star indie and small house published books and decide which one I liked the best. The books go through a process in my mind. I pick which one I enjoyed the most. Which book stuck with me all year and I recommend it every chance I get to other people. It wasn’t an easy choice, I’ll admit it. In the end, it boiled down to two series of books. One series was written for the Young Adult crowd and the other for the Adult crowd. Both introduced me to new genres and I loved them both. In the end, it boiled down to one simple thing. Which one did I have in print on my bookshelf?

I bought this book at the beginning of this year for a measly $0.99. It had problems, sure, but I loved the story line so much that I gave it a 5-star rating anyway. I followed it as it went through a developmental edit, beta readers, more edits and became the polished book that is available now for $2.99. I see myself as lucky for getting in on the ground floor. I’m also happy to say, that except for the proof copy the author used to make a few more tweaks, I have the very first official print copy sitting on my shelf. I have definitely become a fan and will be watching this author as his career gets going.

So, without further ado, I bring you the Drop of Ink Reviews Book of the Year for 2015.


Grave BeginningsGrave Beginnings

Congratulations, R.R. Virdi! And I can’t wait for your next book.

Be sure to check out the first runner up. Adam Dreece, you wrote a magnificent steampunk series for the Young Adult crowd. I can’t wait to read more of them. Along Came a Wolf by Adam Dreece.

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