Life Out of Control

Posted November 14, 2017 by E.J. Roberts in Uncategorized / 4 Comments

Rather than create an entry on my NEWS page, I decided to create a full blog post. Why? Because I believe you should all know why I’ve been so quiet as of late, and I want your input.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been more quiet than usual. Life has spun completely out of control and my website took the brunt of it. I’m a military wife. That means my husband is usually anywhere but at home most of the time. Throw in 3 teenage boys and 3 animals, and life can get hectic. For fun, let’s include a wrecked car (no one was injured), walking to the grocery store to make sure everyone was fed until we could get a new one, and yeah… Blogging book reviews fell swiftly to the bottom of my list. I fell back on my love of knitting to help get me through.

My URL is now up for renewal and this is where all of you come in. I will turn on the comments for this post and I’ll wade through the spam (never could get my spam filter to work), and take everyone’s suggestions into consideration.

Besides wanting to see more book reviews, is there anything else you’d like to see on the site? Ideas could range from author interviews to things I look for when I’m reading a book. The past two years have taught me what readers look for when they’re looking for a new book. I’d be willing to pass that knowledge on for any authors who might be interested. I could also tell you how to become a book blogger yourself. These could be set up as blog posts or I could create static pages for them.

So weigh in! Let me know what you’re interested in seeing on the site. Leaving it solely focused on book reviews is also an option. A few questions regarding book reviews. Would you like to see daily posts, which I’d then encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, or a more spread out schedule? Actually, just sign up for the newsletter. 🙂 If you’re on your phone, scroll down until you see the signup box, otherwise it’s on the upper right hand side. It’s super easy and the only newsletters you receive are notifications of new posts. So, the final question. Would you like to see more reviews of new releases from big name authors or keep the focus on indies or a sprinkling of both?

Let me know and let’s work together to bring this site back to life and reaching as many potential readers as possible!


4 responses to “Life Out of Control

  1. Allie Golden

    I’d love to see author interviews, even if just text, audio, whatever. More book reviews. Maybe just what you’re reading right now regardless of opinion? It might resonate with someone reading the blog, even if it’s not your cup of tea?

  2. Kyle Yeh

    I think you should renew and continue. And continue it when you’re ready of course, as RL lightens up.

  3. Janice Hannah

    I’ve read several books just because youd commented about your reaction to them……sparked my interest in them.
    Virdi’s books are a good example!
    Youve even got me to jump imto a different kind of reading material; one I’d might not have ventured into without your reviews!

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