Beasts of Babylon by E.A. Copen

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Beasts of Babylon by E.A. CopenBeasts of Babylon by E.A. Copen
Genres: paranormal, historical fiction

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Gunslinger Anastasia Thorne won't stay dead.

Ten years ago, monsters murdered Anastasia and her children. Now, she's back to hunt down the monsters responsible. She knows their names, their faces, and even where they're hiding.

There's just one problem. No one in town believes her.

When the sheriff refuses to help, Anastasia strikes a deal with the notorious outlaw, Jesse Gallagher instead. The pair ride into the mountains in search of vengeance, but the hunters quickly become the hunted. With the sheriff hot on their trail, ghouls on their heels, and werewolves and skin stealing monsters in the mountains, Jesse and Anastasia quickly find out they're outgunned and in for a long night.

It's going to take more than silver bullets to put these monsters down.

My Review:

A Drop of Ink Reviews Book of the Year 2017

Anastasia Thorne just won’t stay dead. Oh, she’ll die, but she keeps coming back. She’s pesky like that. So when she rides into Babylon, with a ghoul’s head in a bag, people stay far away from her. While it might have been 10 years, it sticks in people’s minds if someone won’t stay dead.

She knows who killed her the first time and she’s out for revenge. All she needs is a few more guns to back her. Unfortunately, no one will believe her. Her own husband just wants her to leave and stay gone.

I have to say right up front, I’m not a huge fan of horror. I didn’t even know this was horror until it was too late. However, I read it right through to the end without stopping. I even told my husband I couldn’t possibly go grocery shopping because I was in the middle of a ghoul attack. Yes, I was awful and read during dinner as well. I couldn’t put the book down.

I felt like I was beside Ana the entire time, going through what she did, feeling what she felt. I cheered on the outlaw as he stood by his word. I also wanted to slap the sheriff for being so dense. All in all, I believe E.A. Copen did an amazing job and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Warning: This is set in the Old West. The speech and the words chosen adhere to that time period.


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