The Billionaire’s Bad Boy by Violet Vaughn

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The Billionaire’s Bad Boy by Violet VaughnThe Billionaire's Bad Boy (Billionaire's in Love Book 2) by Violet Vaughn
Genres: Romance

Alex Donovan got things done, even if it meant bending the rules. As the President of Bellae cosmetics she was determined to make the company she shared with her sister the number one skin care brand for women and men. And when she landed the famous model, Madison Maxwell, for the Natural Girls line, Alex knew she’d gotten what she needed. Madison came with a stipulation, though … Alex must date her smoking hot brother.

Justin Maxwell may have had a luxurious upbringing in one of the premier families of the Hamptons, but after a tragic accident took his parents, he bowed out of the limelight to lead a simpler life. Running a motorcycle repair shop and tinkering his days away was all he thought he wanted. Until he met Alex.

From the very start, sparks flew between Alex and Justin. The two opposites sizzled with sexual chemistry while their individual needs for control were tested. When the relationship blossomed, Alex was determined to do what she knew best – get what she wanted. And that was to have Justin by her side, back in the world of glitz and glamour. But Justin’s reasons for dropping out of society life were much bigger than Alex anticipated, and when she figured that out, her plan had already been set in motion. Can she stop the very thing that could tear Justin from his private life and ruin their chance at love forever?

My Review:

If you’re looking for a steamy beach read, then this book is for you.

Alex meets Justin when her Ferrari breaks down on the way to a meeting with Madison. All she can think about is getting to her and convincing Madison to become the face for her new cosmetics line.

Justin might be Madison’s brother, but he’s happier working in a motorcycle repair shop than moving in those high end circles.

Alex comes across as your typical rich, spoiled brat. She’s always had the best things in life and thinks nothing of throwing her top of the line phone out the window in order to avoid a ticket. The author tried to portray her as a powerful woman who had everything and didn’t need a man to give her the finer things in life. It made Justin appear to be nothing more than a boy toy instead of an important part of her life. She saw him as someone to dress up and look good next to her at parties and galas, no matter if it made him uncomfortable.

I loved Justin. He was strong and secure and happy with who he was. He knew how to take control and when to back away. Having been born into money, it was interesting to see how his values differed from Alex’s.

What stands out most in my mind about this book are the sex scenes. A lot of effort went in to make those encounters reach out and grab the reader. Unfortunately, those scenes were held together by a loose story that could have been much more powerful had more time been spent on it. Instead, several scenes that should have been incredibly emotional came across almost like a footnote.

Overall, the book is written well and carries the reader right along. Women who enjoy contemporary romances will enjoy this book. However, it would appear this genre is not for me.


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