Age of Order by Julian North

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***Note: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.***

Age of Order by Julian NorthAge of Order: Book 1 of the Age of Order Saga by Julian North
Genres: dystopian

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In this world, inequality is a science. Giant machines maintain order. And all people are not created equal.

Daniela Machado is offered a chance to escape the deprivation of Bronx City through a coveted slot at the elite Tuck school. There, among the highborn of Manhattan, she discovers an unimaginable world of splendor and greed. But her opportunity is part of a darker plan, and Daniela soon learns that those at society’s apex will stop at nothing to keep power for themselves. She may have a chance to change the world, if it doesn’t change her first.

My Review:

Every so often, there comes along a dystopian YA novel that captures the minds and imagination of readers everywhere. The Hunger Games was one such book. Age of Order is another. It captured a starred review from Kirkus for good reason.

Set in the not so distant future, Julian North takes us on one heck of a ride with an intelligent and strong-willed heroine.

Daniela Machado was born and raised in the Bronx City where they have only one rule, “Blood looked out for blood […], and no one else.” She was tough and knew how to look after herself. So when the offer came through offering her a spot at an exclusive school in Manhattan, she was leery. Accepting the open spot, she quickly found out that things were a bit different and yet were the same. All she did know is they wanted something from her and she was determined to find out what.

About halfway through this book, I had to set it down. While I know it was written and being prepared for publication before the election, it doesn’t stop it from being a powerful commentary on today’s current political arena. As it’s only set about fifty or sixty years in the future, it was eerie. It wasn’t difficult to see that so-called dystopian world coming true. I had to run myself through a detox of all the news filtering into my world before I could finish reading the book, and I’m glad I did.

Daniela is an amazing, brave young woman, full of passion and knowledge of what’s right and wrong. I’ll admit I was surprised by the ending. It kept twisting and turning and I was never quite sure what was going to happen. When it did finally come to a conclusion, all I could do was sit back and say, “Wow…” That’s all I could come up with. Well, that and, “When is the next book going to be out?” I will definitely be following this series to its conclusion.

This book is not only for a teen audience. I believe it will also resonate with any adult who dares to read it.


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