Carpet Diem by Justin Lee Anderson

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***Note: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.***

Carpet Diem by Justin Lee AndersonCarpet Diem: Or...How to Save the World by Accident by Justin Lee Anderson
Genres: comedy

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Fifteen years after losing most of his family to a devastating, pudding-related tragedy, Simon Debovar has settled into a life of self-imposed exile from the stinking, selfish morass of humanity. Content that his daily highlights will include hazelnut coffee, a long bath and the occasional jar of olives, his life is completely upturned by the discovery that his ornate living room carpet is the deciding factor in a bet between God and Satan.

When mysteriously well-timed carpet thieves deprive him of the crucial heirloom, Simon is forced to leave his hermit's existence behind for a world of angels, demons, witches and immortals.

And then it gets complicated.

My Review:

Simon was a hermit. It didn’t matter that he had more money than he knew what to do with. He only wanted the simple life, which meant no one else need apply. However, one day, his doorbell rang. That wouldn’t be a big deal if the doorbell hadn’t been disconnected. It wasn’t supposed to ring again. Ever. Then, Simon made a mistake. He answered the door. Standing there were a demon and an angel, both anxious to get their hands on Simon’s living room rug to settle a bet. When said rug is stolen in the middle of the night, his adventure begins and Simon has to leave his comfortable little world and discovered more than he bargained for.

Honestly, I have a feeling this book should have been amusing. However, I think my sense of humor might be broken. It’s either that or I really just prefer snarky, sarcastic humor. This book was full of continuous references to phallic objects and sexual endeavors. About midway through the book, I put it down because I couldn’t take it anymore. I only picked it up and finished it because the writing was still well done and I was curious as to what led Simon to be falling near a cliff.

The ending was great. A lot of the references faded away and the story became quite interesting as Simon jumped through hoop after hoop and grew and changed in the process. As I neared the end, I could barely put the book down.

I’m sure there are others out there who will find this book hilarious. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. (Note possible broken sense of humor mentioned above.) However, if the idea intrigues you, give it a whirl. The plot constantly twists and turns and definitely leaves you wondering where it’s going to go next.


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