The Annals of Bobian by Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger

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The Annals of Bobian by Zanzibar 7. SchwarzneggerThe Annals of Bobian (The Chronicles of the Bobian, #1) by Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger
Genres: comedy

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The Bobian is twelve and has one goal in life: get ice cream. Unfortunately, life seems to be conspiring against him. Birthday parties gone awry. School bullies teaching him a (temporary) lesson in humility. Bratty little sisters and next door neighbor kids stealing his rightful rewards. What's a kid to do?

There's only one solution: The Bobian will defeat them all... even the time-changing aliens who are determined to keep him from summer.

My Review:

The Bobian is twelve and he just knows he’s brilliant and awesome. His world revolves around the last time he had a taste of ice cream. However, it would appear everything is getting in the way of that delicious, creamy treat.

This book is an amusing look at almost a year’s worth of Bobian’s life and his never-ending quest for ice cream. Each chapter is almost a short story of a time in The Bobian’s year. The way it’s written sets it up to be an excellent book for kids, especially boys, who have short attention spans and/or difficulties reading.

As a mother of three boys myself, I felt a certain affinity for The Queen Mother. I could relate to many of the scrapes The Bobian gets himself into. Having a son like The Bobian would have been a trial, but there wouldn’t be a dull moment, that’s for sure.

All in all, this book is a great read for children and adults who have a sense of humor, or have boys who’ve made you wonder, “what now” a few times.


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