Lady, Thy Name is Trouble by Lori MacLaughlin

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***Note: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.***

Lady, Thy Name is Trouble by Lori MacLaughlinLady, Thy Name Is Trouble by Lori L. MacLaughlin
Genres: fantasy

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Trouble is Tara Triannon's middle name. As swords for hire, Tara and her sister Laraina thrive on the danger. But a surprise invasion throws them into chaos... and trouble on a whole new level. Pursued by the Butcher, a terrifying assassin more wolf than man, Tara and Laraina must get a prince marked for death and a young, inept sorceress to safety. There's only one problem - eluding the Butcher has never been done. Aided by a secretive soldier of fortune, they flee the relentless hunter.

Gifted with magic and cursed by nightmares that are all too real, Tara must stop an army led by a madman and fend off an evil Being caught in a centuries-old trap who seeks to control her magic and escape through her dreams - all while keeping one step ahead of the Butcher.

My Review:

I have been reading fantasy since I was about 16. Let’s just say that’s a long time and leave it at that. With such an extensive background in this genre, I’ve been hard on indie writers who attempt fantasy. It’s not an easy genre to write by any means. The intense world building and the ability to create characters and scenarios that are relatable is a difficult combination. Throw magic in the mix with its own set of rules and it can spin out of control. However, Lori MacLaughlin balanced it all beautifully.

Tara and her sister, Laraina, continually get into trouble, but the way Lori gets them out is well done. It’s nothing more than quick, creative thinking, but you can’t help but keep turning the pages to see how it turns out.

While holding the perfect balance of magic, adventure, and action with a touch of romance, I found I could easily set the book down to tend to other things. That could merely be because I’ve read so much fantasy, because I would easily recommend this book to any lover of the fantasy genre. The world building was extremely well done and the reader could easily submerge themselves in it.


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