Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric by Thomas A. Meyers

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Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric by Thomas A. MeyersEric Elmoor and The Gauntlet of Godric (The Eric Elmoor Saga) (Volume 1) by Thomas A. Meyers
Genres: fantasy

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Welcome to Novogard – Where lands have been shattered by racial division. Where a powerful government has begun its encroachment onto unwilling societies. Where the magical and the technological collide.

Fifteen-year-old Eric Elmoor has always felt like an outcast; ceaselessly teased about his unusual purple eyes, never fitting into any particular group at school, raised only by his mother since his father died inexplicably when he was only a small child. But when three warlocks simultaneously attack the three biggest cities in all of Novogard, Eric is taken on a journey to the elf homeland where the secrets of his mysterious origins will be revealed and the power within him unleashed...and a forbidden relationship with the chieftain's goddaughter begins.

With the warlocks and their hellish horde now threatening the borders of the elvish lands, Eric must find the courage to make a stand and face the one who murdered his father in the vain hope of saving all of Novogard from utter ruin.

My thoughts

Eric Elmoor is fifteen years old and doesn’t quite ‘fit’ into the regular crowds. He lives with his mother in the upper regions of the city, in a world where magic is continually forbidden, replaced by simple technologies. School is a challenge, with his favourite subject coming under threat following an attack on his hometown, and there’s a girl he would love to get to know better but it just isn’t happening.

When an unexpected visitor arrives with the promise of adventure and the revelation of certain truths, it’s an offer he can’t refuse, and as the story unfolds, the journey doesn’t evolve the way he expected. The world around him is changing, and he is at the heart of it with no idea why.

Eric Elmoor and the Gauntlet of Godric is a great book for readers who enjoy magic alongside technology, and the world of elves, dwarfs and other magical types. It is a take of good versus evil, with a mysterious antagonist we end the book knowing very little about, carrying the intrigue into the second book in the series.

The book was an easy read, with an excellent balance of action-packed scenes and moments that allowed the reader to catch her breath. The outcome was not predictable and there were a few unexpected twists. It is not one of my preferred genres of fantasy, but the story was fluid, the writing engaging, and I thoroughly enjoyed the world and conflicts created by Thomas Myers. I certainly intend to read the next book in the series when it is published.


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