Tracy’s Celebrity Hot Mail by T.A. Belshaw

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***Note: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.***

Tracy’s Celebrity Hot Mail by T.A. BelshawTracy's Celebrity Hot Mail by T.A. Belshaw
Genres: comedy

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Ousted from the office, Tracy teams up with uber-iffy agent, Shayne Slider, for an assault on the bottom end of the celebrity market. Tracy's quest to become a C-list celebrity takes her from in-store promotions at her local supermarket to a classy but amoral celebrity event near Harrogate. Despite her hectic lifestyle, Tracy still finds time to inbox her best friend, Emma, with all the latest gossip about her friends, family and new-found showbiz acquaintances. Fruitier than a ten gallon fruit shoot. That's Tracy!

My Review:

To begin with, this book is a sequel, but one does not need to read the previous book to enjoy it. It’s also written by a British author, so keep that in mind as you go. The humor in it is definitely different and there are words not normally used in the United States. Also, keep in mind the spellings on various words are different as well, but this book was clean and free of any major errors I could detect. However, that doesn’t necessarily detract from enjoying the book.

It’s written in a series of messages from Tracy to her best friend, Emma. You never see Emma’s side of things, just Tracy’s, but what you do see is quite amusing. Poor Tracy is not the brightest bulb in the box, but apparently she is quite the looker and her ‘agent’ Shayne definitely knows how to take advantage of the fact. I will admit I did find myself feeling sorry for Tracy since she was being taken advantage of, but her antics are still hilarious.

In some ways, even though this was written in the form of Facebook messages, I couldn’t help but draw a few comparisons between this book and Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Tracy gets herself in all sorts of scrapes, just as Stephanie does, and Tracy has a crazy grandma that does all kinds of inappropriate things, just like Stephanie’s grandma. Even the family dynamics are similar. Take out the bounty hunting and throw in a hefty dose of gossip and you have Tracy’s Celebrity Hot Mail.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this book, though I did have to use the handy dictionary feature the Kindle has a few times to find out what a word meant in the UK versus the US. One such word was “precinct.” Of course, I immediately thought of a police precinct, but it turns out there are shopping precincts. Who knew? So if you enjoy British humor, my guess is you’ll enjoy this book quite a bit.


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One response to “Tracy’s Celebrity Hot Mail by T.A. Belshaw

  1. JE Hannah

    I often wish for humor so this might just fill the bill! Sounds like interesting family and there has to be a good story if it’s involving celebrity tales!
    Haven’t read the Stephanie Plum series either so thats another bok series Im going to have to look at!