The Guide: Tor’s Quest Saga by Trudie Collins

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***Note: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.***

The Guide: Tor’s Quest Saga by Trudie CollinsThe Guide (Tor's Quest, #1) by Trudie Collins
Genres: fantasy

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The King has died and didn't name a successor. Instead, his sons must all participate in a quest to find out which one deserves to be king.

It doesn't take long for Tor to realize the quest is deadly. What started off as fun and a good way to meet new people and join up with old acquaintances, he never imagined he'd watch one of his brother's die when he failed the quest. But the next clue is to bring in a Guide from another world.

Bringing the guide over into their world is the easy part. Convincing them to go with a party of strangers and risk everything for a quest they know nothing about is a lot more difficult.

My Review:

All in all, it was an enjoyable book. It did employ one of my least favorite tropes in a high fantasy setting, which is dragging someone from modern times and ‘yanking’ them to another world. For some unknown reason, that drives me up the wall. Which is odd, because my husband pointed out that it doesn’t happen all that often. Maybe it just seems that way to me. Anyway! I felt like some of the book itself could have been cut out, but as this is a high fantasy series, it’s too early to tell what’s important and what isn’t.

I was amazed at how quick Sam adjusted to her situation, but she was told she couldn’t go back. We do read about her history before her life is tossed on its head, so to speak, so maybe she just felt like it wasn’t worth going back to anyway. I don’t know.

The cast of characters was a little big and near the end I lost track of several of them. I essentially forgot who they were. It almost reminded me of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. In the end, an entire book was released to help you keep track of his characters. It’s becoming normal in a high fantasy series to have a lot of characters, and in the upcoming quests, some of the characters that were quiet in this book may very well become important. It’s too early to tell.

I do know that when the book ended, I immediately wanted to continue reading the next in the series. I am quite interested to see where Trudie Collins goes from here.

It appears up to book 5 is currently available on Amazon. I’m definitely adding the next book to the end of my TBR list so I can catch up with the series.


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