Grave Peril by Jim Butcher

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4 star

Harry Dresden has faced some crazy things in his time, but nothing like this. Someone has stirred up the ghosts in the Chicago area. These aren’t your normal ‘slam the door’, say ‘boo’ variety. No, these ghosts are violent, deadly and dangerous. And if Harry doesn’t get it figured out in time, he may very well end up one himself.

My Opinion:

This is the third book of the Dresden Files. With each one, Jim Butcher continues to get better. That’s to be expected with every author.

What I had to love the most about this book was Harry’s friend, Michael. Michael is a righteous man and is the Fist of God. He’s able to wield one of only three swords created from the nails taken from Christ’s body at the crucifixion. He has pure faith, something many can only dream about and strive for, but not Michael. He believes and that’s all that matters. As such, he’s given the power to help wipe out ghosts and other evil nasties in the name of the Lord. He keeps trying to convert Harry, which I found amusing.

Harry, of course, is one of the main targets of this bad guy. Unfortunately, his girlfriend, Susan, is also caught in the crossfire. Along with having to battle ghosts, he has to face down his godmother, and some nasty vampires. It pays to be careful in an environment like this.

All in all, this was probably my favorite of all the books in the Dresden Files series I’ve read. I’m sure my admiration of Jim Butcher would continue to grow if I had access to more of the books. It’s always wonderful fun to watch how an author grows in his or her writing career across a series like this. I can definitely see why he has such a large fan base.


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