Whill of Agora: Book 1 by Michael James Ploof

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3 starWhill was a 19-year-old boy raised by Abram to become a ranger. However, he was not your usual ranger. He had excellent skills with both his sword and his bow as well as the ability to speak and read in many different languages. However, times were changing. King Addakon was bent on starting a war with everyone around him. That included the dwarves and the elves, both of whom had lived peacefully with humans for a long time.

After the festival, Abram promised to tell Whill who his birth parents were. Little did Whill know that he was about to walk into the middle of a prophecy built around him and his decision would shape the war to come.

My Opinion:

Whill of Agora follows faithfully in the steps of many fantasy books before it. Oddly enough, the one book that came to mind over and over while I was reading it was Eragon. I quite enjoyed Eragon, don’t get me wrong, however, they were so similar I was saddened by it. I’ve become accustomed to independent authors taking risks you normally don’t see in mainstream publishing. Perhaps it’s a sign of over-exposure to the genre, but I wasn’t surprised by anything that came in this book. I almost expected it. However, for anyone who likes the tales of the boy who finds out he’s destined for greater things while following the well-worn paths between dwarves and elves, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

The only other drawback I had with it was I felt it told too much and didn’t show enough. The reader is told exactly what the town and cities and mountains look like. We’re not given the opportunity to visualize what we might think these places look like ourselves.

All in all, I did enjoy reading Whill of Agora. I believe there is a wide audience for it out there, especially readers who enjoy traditional high fantasy.


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