The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin Kennedy

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5 star

Mira Tejedor is a psychic who has gained some fame in the past. Her abilities allow her to find anyone and anything. This time, she’s called in to help find a young boy who’s lost in his own mind. Locked in his own mind, Anthony is slowly fading away. He hasn’t spoken in a month and is slipping further and further away. No number of tests run by the doctors have been able to determine what is wrong with Anthony. In desperation, Anthony’s mother reached out to Mira and asked her to help.

Mira entered Anthony’s mind and is immediately brought into a fragmented telling of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. She’s forced to wander in a place created by Anthony showing his love of Russian composers and classical mythology. Within his mind, she contends with a gnome, a troubadour, and a witch.

However, Anthony’s malady began at the same time his brother’s old girlfriend disappeared. That case remains unsolved and threatens to tear the town apart. But someone does not want the answer that Anthony carries inside of him to ever see the light.

My Opinion:

I’ll admit I’ve never heard of the Russian composer Mussorgsky until I read this book. In doing a little research, I learned it was only ever a musical composition. It was never turned into a play or anything along those lines. However, as I listened to it, I could only see the images Mr. Kennedy had created in his book. The scenes were incredibly clear and so well written, I could easily pair them with the different movements of the music.

Mira is a wonderful character. Obviously, her psychic gift was a burden, yet she reached out and helped others as much as she can, even though it put a crimp in her own life. However, she knew she couldn’t leave Anthony as he was. He was only going to get worse. In only wanting to help the young boy, she got dragged into a missing person’s investigation, something she never wanted again.

I loved this book. It was different and unique. The entire story was held in suspense until the end, with Mira and Anthony in the center of it all. I loved the imagery and the story that went with the music, even music I’d never heard before. All in all, it was a delightful experience and I can’t wait to see what Mr. Kennedy will write next.


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