The Short Man by Joshua L Cejka

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The Short Man by Joshua L CejkaThe Short Man (Meg Brown Mysteries) by Joshua Cejka
Genres: mystery

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Someone is paying their parking tickets the wrong way - by offing the Parking Enforcement Officers around a small college. Minneapolis Homicide Detective Meg Brown needs to know who it is and fast - before he decides to do worse.

It's a race against the class bell to find out who the assassin is and stop them in this short but action packed mystery/thriller.

My Review:

This is definitely a short story. It comes in at around 6,500 words, however, he manages to pack a lot into those few words. You quickly learn about Meg Brown and her incredible powers of observation. She also has a quirky sense of humor that you see right off the bat and I quite enjoyed. While you move quickly from the crime to whodunit, it all works quite well. Joshua Cejka has managed to make short crime fiction a thing you can quickly read in small snippets of time. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, but needs a crime fiction break.

The biggest drawback to the entire story were the minor errors. While they didn’t bother me a whole lot while I was reading, I did pick up on them. All in all, this was an enjoyable story and I look forward to reading the rest of the Meg Brown Mysteries. On the bright side, there are even a few novel-length ones appearing as well. I can’t wait to get to those!


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