Self-Editing on a Penny by Ashlyn Forge

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Self-Editing on a Penny by Ashlyn ForgeSelf-Editing On A Penny: A Comprehensive Guide by Ashlyn Forge
Genres: editing

You've just written a book—a masterpiece, the next great classic, the single piece of literature that's going to be required reading a hundred years from now long after you're good and dead and most of mankind has been replaced by robots. what?

Can you afford an editor? How do you decide on a good one? And how much of it can you do by yourself?
Plot Development
And, more importantly, cost-saving methods

Self-Editing on a Penny was written by an independent author FOR independent authors. Don't make the same costly mistakes I've made. Self-Edit first.

My Review:

First off, I just broke my own guidelines–the one being I wouldn’t review a non-fiction book. Never say never, right? I saw this book promoted time and again on my Facebook feed and ended up in a crazy position where I needed to tackle a rough draft. I’ve always been overwhelmed by that very first step. When you get to editing, what do you do first? So, in desperation, I checked to see if Self-Editing for a Penny was available through Kindle Unlimited. Seeing it was, I downloaded it in the hopes it could help. What I got was a complete surprise.

Ashlyn Forge takes and makes the entire process of self-editing your work seem achievable. With great insight and examples written specifically for the book, she guides you through how to edit your own book. Well, edit it to the point you can save money on a professional editor anyway. She does so in a fun and relaxed way that’s easy to read and understand. That’s huge! Editing is a confusing process to begin with and a lot of other “how to edit” books on the market just seem to muddy the waters a bit more.

This is honestly the first time ever I’ve sat and read a non-fiction book to the end. Heck, it’s the first time I’ve read a “how to edit” book to the end, and trust me, as a writer, I’ve tried to read a lot of those. I have a few on my shelves I haven’t even read past the first chapter. I’m definitely planning on outright buying this book and keeping it in my writing arsenal. Ashlyn’s easy-to-read writing and understanding of the difficult aspects of editing make it a must have for me. I’m sure a lot of writers will agree.


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