Dark Moon Defender by Sharon Shinn

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5 starJustin has been ordered by Tayse to set up in Neft and keep his eye on the Daughters of the Pale Mother. They are a fanatical group that worships the moon goddess and believe that any magic-wielding mystics are evil. Justin is to see if the rumors that the guards of the order ride out to kill mystics are true.

However, in their midst is a young novice named Ellynor who possesses the gift of healing and the ability to move through the night unobserved. She believes it’s just a gift of the Dark Watcher, the goddess her people worship, and doesn’t understand it’s considered magic by the Pale Mother’s followers.

During one of her trips to Neft with the Lestra, Ellynor meets up with Justin when he rescues her from the clutches of an unscrupulous man. They forged a strong friendship that continued to grow stronger the more they interacted. Then Justin finds out about her magical abilities and becomes afraid for this young woman and risks everything in order to save her.

My Opinion:
This is obviously Justin’s story. It’s now time to get into Justin’s head and find out what makes him tick and make his character a bit deeper. While he’s a strong and brutal fighter, he also has a heart of gold he rarely shows anyone. With the introduction of Ellynor into his life, we get to see that side of him more. The influence of Senneth also shines through when he realizes he can help someone he considers weaker than him because it’s the right thing to do, whether he gets anything out of it or not.

However, Ellynor is not a wilting flower. She’s a strong young woman who grew up in the Lirrens. While constantly protected by the males in her family, she is excited to be out in the world. She also has a deep understanding of Justin right away because she recognizes the same drive in him to protect and fight as her brothers have. He respects her and lets her make her own choices as well, which leads to all sorts of trouble.

This particular book is my husband’s favorite. Perhaps it’s because a strong soldier risks everything for the woman he loves. Isn’t that the dream of any man? To be a woman’s knight in shining armor? But not only that, but to respect the woman you rescue as well? He has read this book several times and I have no doubt it will appeal to a wide range of men who like the idea of being a knight in shining armor themselves.


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