Paladin by Sally Slater

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5 starLady Samantha, daughter of His Grace, the seventeenth Duke of Haywood was not content to get married, embroider and mind the babies while her husband went off to do whatever her husband might do. However, her father had told her she was to find a husband by her seventeenth birthday or he’d choose one for her. Upset, she stormed off and changed her life forever. In the time that passed, she’d trained hard with her sword. She would never again be at the mercy of anyone else and she’d protect others while she was at it. The only problem was, she was Lady Samantha. With a bit of planning, she became Sam of Haywood and entered into training as a Paladin.

My Opinion:

Okay, if you’ve been tracking my site for awhile, you might be sputtering at the moment. You might be saying, “But you already reviewed this!” In a way, I did. However, that was the Wattpad version. I’m now reviewing the published version. See? Completely different. 😀 Actually, it is different. Gone is the prologue from the Wattpad version and the trials she went through to get to be a Paladin trainee. What’s left is pure magic.

This version of Paladin is clean and incredibly well-written. The story of what prompted Samantha to join the Paladins is much more believable and makes you want to pick up a sword and fight right alongside her. However, what isn’t different is the connection between the characters and the hilarity that ensues when the reader knows Sam is a female, but her male counterparts are clueless. Sally switches between characters at chapter breaks periodically, so you’re not stuck seeing the entire story from Samantha’s view point. However, she does it with great skill and it takes nothing away from the story With only 3 main characters, you’re never confused with who’s viewpoint you’re hearing the story from. If anything, it increases the allure of the book because you get to see just how clueless the men actually are. Okay, maybe as a female, I find that funnier than a male would.

While you can still read the free version on Wattpad, be aware it’s NOT the same version that was printed here. I highly recommend you read both. Though after re-reading the Wattpad version, I’ve decided I prefer the printed version. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and needs a good laugh.


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