Diplomacy’s End by Robert A. Boyd

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***Note: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.***

Diplomacy’s End by Robert A. BoydDiplomacy's End: The d'enchia Incident (The Ic'nichi - Human Chronicles Book 3) by Robert A. Boyd
Genres: comedy, science fiction

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The misadventures of the Ic'nichi diplomatic herd continues, even when they are supposedly safe home on d'enchia. An unexpected side effect of the recent Dreamsingers' War is wrecking havoc on d'enchia and earth alike, and our heroes are swept up in a whole new and unlikely crisis. Telepathy can be such a hassle! No one knows what to do about it, but they have to do something before every secret of their military, diplomacy and personal lives becomes common knowledge throughout the universe.

My Review:

Okay, the 3-stars is purely my opinion here. It mainly has to do with my dislike of weird names. Ic’nichi, d’enchia, I’eiBida, etc. My poor mind couldn’t wrap around who was who and what was what. It wasn’t until I started to take notes that I could keep them straight. It also didn’t help that I made a huge mistake. Don’t read a book in the middle or end of a series. *head desk* Unfortunately, I did just that. I might have liked, or understood, this book a whole lot better if I’d read the first two books. But that’s my own fault.

All in all, this book was a fun read. The author has a fun style of writing and all of the dilemmas they (both human and Ic’nichi) faced were quite amusing. If it wasn’t for all of the funky names and words, I’d be more than happy to tackle the first two books on my own time, just to read them. If odd names and words don’t bother you much, then you’ll enjoy this book quite a bit. Boyd has a terrific way of dealing with the unusual and injecting humor into the situation that could have someone else pulling their hair out. While he does switch between characters in the first person, he makes sure you know exactly who’s talking from the beginning. He’s quite a talented writer and many will enjoy his work.


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