Driftmetal by J.C. Staudt

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***Note: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.***

Driftmetal by J.C. StaudtDriftmetal by J.C. Staudt
Genres: cyberpunk, science fiction, steampunk

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In a shattered world of airships and windborne cities, Captain Muller Jakes' crew betrays him when his plot to steal a fortune in gravstone goes awry. A lost city, a deadly sabotage, and a series of narrow escapes will force him to choose between his freedom and the lives of thousands. A high-flying adventure full of gadgetry, treachery and intrigue; a pleasing blend of steampunk and cyberpunk.

My Review:

Let me start by saying I’ve never read this genre before. Well, I have read some science fiction, and some steampunk, but this is something different. The only thing my mind could compare it to was Disney’s Treasure Planet. It was well-written and Muller Jakes was a cocky character. You might not like him much, but you can’t quite hate him, either. Though you do get to see a change in how he perceives things as he overcomes each obstacle in his way. I’ll admit I was disappointed in one thing. How short the book was. It was only 127 pages long and it seemed to end just as a major conflict happened with a real quick “resolution.” It felt like you were left hanging. There is a second book due out in April 2015, so it would be interesting to see where it goes after this. I’m sure lovers of science fiction/steampunk/cyberpunk style stories will enjoy this quite a bit. I personally am not that person. However, I can enjoy a well-crafted story and this definitely fell within that category.

For a free book on Amazon, it’s worth a read if you enjoy things a little different from the usual fare.


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  1. I enjoyed this foray into the cyber/steampunk world. Muller Jakes’ personality really pops off the page. I’m into steampunk, so this was right up my alley. I ever wrote review and linked your blog to it. I think it’s worth the next book at least.

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