The Memoirs of Katherine deRion: Book One: The Beginning by Pauline Ramsey

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5 starKrystine Reyon was sick and bored. Confined to her room, she decided to sneak to the attic to find something new to read. Finding an old chest, she opened it to reveal an old treasure: a wedding dress, some pictures, and the best thing of all, some old journals. Grabbing the journals, she sneaked back to her room and began reading. Instead of finding typical ramblings of a long-dead ancestor, she found a remarkable journey into the unknown. The first entry was dated November 18, 1836. However, the author of the journal, Katherine deRion, says she was born the year of the drought in 1571…

My Opinion:

When this book began, I had my doubts. The prologue didn’t come across to me as anything special. I kept reading because I never give up on a book in the first few pages. As soon as I hit the memoir part, there was no way you could get me to stop reading. You learn everything about Katherine’s immediate family and you share every triumph and sorrow they face. There is way more sorrow that befalls this family than any one family should have to bear. It was interesting and very creative. I definitely enjoyed the ride into the unknown.

The style of writing and language use was more formal and reflected the times and the upbringing of Katherine. It was well done and I didn’t notice any lapses into more modern language. While I did notice a few errors in the book, only one jumped out at me and bothered me to pieces. As it only appeared twice, I decided not to knock off stars for it.

You are rarely brought back to the present, but it didn’t bother me in the least. However, I did find the timing of it to be eerie. Every time it happened, I found myself with the same thoughts and actions as Krystine. That included her panicked reaction to reaching the end of the book. There is definitely more story to follow, and I will read the second book when it releases.

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