Songstruck by Sofia Black

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3 star

Isabel grew up in the dull town of Briarwood. Everyone was expected to act and behave in a certain way, and they never talked about fairies or other imaginary things. However, Isabel refused to conform. She loved nothing more than telling made up stories about all manner of made up beings. Unicorns took drinks from the stream, trolls hid behind the trees, and fairies flitted wherever Isabel’s imagination went. At the end of their rope, Isabel’s parents finally decided to send Isabel to the Harrowton Institute; a boarding house for young women who rebelled against the norm. Angry and upset, Isabel ran away from home and into the woods to escape and straight in to an adventure.

My Opinion:

I think of these books as ‘crossover’ books. The main character begins in one land and ends up in another. What I liked about this is Isabel didn’t come from our times. Our world, yes, but more in the past. It worked well and the explanation made sense. Being that Isabel is 15, she acted and behaved like a typical 15 year old and it worked quite well. She came across sometimes as childish and spoiled, and yet could be quite grown up and responsible as well. Teens behave this way during this time in their lives, so it was perfect.

The plot itself shows great promise. Some things you expect were there, but there were parts that completely surprised me. I quite enjoyed being surprised as I wasn’t expecting it. However, the writing could be tightened up. The beginning was a little jumpy and confusing in places. As with many indie books, Sofia hit her stride about midway through the book and the story began to flow better. It picked up momentum and continued strong to the end. One thing I did have problems with was the conflict resolution. There was a lot of build up to many scenes and then the resolution didn’t quite seem to hold up its end of the bargain. The build up to each conflict was great, so they deserved a great resolution.

Sofia shows promise as an author and will only continue to grow in her craft as she progresses.

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