Mina Cortez: From Bouquets to Bullets by Jeffrey Cook

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5 star

**To my knowledge, this book is no longer available to purchase.**

A supervolcano rocked the world and tore down government as we know it across every country and nation. As order slowly started to be restored, a lot of different abilities were desperately needed. However, to be sure the new specialized skill chips went to the right people, intense aptitude tests were administered to be sure people could handle the new jobs. The chips helped them learn faster than ever before and help the world get back on its feet after the disaster. One such skill chip contained all the necessary information for the secret police. Those were reserved for a select few.

All Mina wanted to be was a ballet dancer. All her parents wanted her to do was take over the family’s flower and landscaping company. She worked hard in both her parents’ shop and her ballet lessons, hoping to be chosen to go to Russia to be trained there. She worked her way to the top of one of the toughest ballet schools her family could afford, but she knew she didn’t quite fit the physique model necessary for a typical ballet dancer. When one of her friends, Scott, was kidnapped from his job, her world changed. She was tapped to go in for early chipping even though she knew her chipping shouldn’t come until later. It’s not like the world was short of florists. However, she quickly learned that all wasn’t as it appeared to be. She learned there was an organization of secret police, and she was now one of them. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to escape her parents’ floral shop. She still had to do all the usual deliveries, train for her new job, and work a new case right off the bat. And then, things got really weird….

My Take on this Book:

I loved this book. Jeffrey is an incredible writer and his first foray into the Young Adult world was a terrific one. Any teen would love to have secret agent powers instilled in them with a simple chip. From the beginning, you’re swept into Mina’s world and into almost non-stop action. When I reached the end of the book, I had to honestly refrain myself from throwing it across the room. The only thing that stopped me was I was reading an e-book and I didn’t want to break my tablet.

I finished this book last night and I’ve been pondering why I loved it so much ever since. I can’t pinpoint why. Then again, I can’t tell you why I loved Hunger Games, either. The story telling was superb. As an adult, I appreciated Miko’s funny quips dating back into our history since her dad was an archeologist. At first, I thought I’d get Mina and her friend Miko completely mixed up, but each had their own unique personalities. I didn’t mix them up once. The book flowed exceptionally well, Mina acted perfectly normal for a teen who’s trying to prove herself. Miko was a kick. Scott was sort of hazy, but then again, aren’t most computer geniuses? 😉 Jeffrey presents us with just the right amount of description to get his point across without belaboring the point. It was well done.


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