Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun by Jeffrey Cook and Sarah Symonds

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Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun by Jeffrey Cook and Sarah SymondsGods of the Sun (Dawn of Steam, #2) by Jeffrey Cook, Sarah Symonds
Series: Dawn of Steam #2
Genres: steampunk, alternative history

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In 1816, Gregory Conan Watts's chronicle of the adventures begun in Dawn of Steam: First Light continues – as does the Year Without a Summer. The crew of the airship Dame Fortuna travel to four continents and are embroiled in combat on three of them: conflict with New Spain in Britain's American colonies, an ambush in Machu Picchu, and entanglement in the Maori Potato Wars in New Zealand. As they progress through darkened skies, Gregory gradually discovers that nothing at all was as he thought it was. All his assumptions are cast into doubt: what their orders are, which tales of foreign lands are true, and what parts of the social order as he knows it really are natural. Also in doubt is whether they will all survive the experience. Dawn of Steam: Gods of the Sun is an alternate-history, early-era Steampunk epistolary novel.

My Review:

This book was as well-written and amazing as the first. There is more action and conflict throughout the entire book. I found myself wanting to look up and confirm the various peoples mentioned. I resisted though because I didn’t want to break the spell being woven in case they weren’t real. (Stops for a quick search now.) Okay. I can now say some serious research went into the writing of this book. I’m happy by that as I can now file the amount of information provided for future reference. It’s not only steampunk, but historical fiction as well. In my opinion, that’s pretty cool. The detail that went into describing the various areas and the peoples encountered shows an amazing amount of work and research to get it just right.

I will admit I had a more difficult time reading this book than the last. Maybe it was because I read it right after the first. These books do seem to require slowing down to absorb the large amount of information being given to you. Perhaps it was because of several major life changes that happened right as I began this book. I guess I won’t know for sure until I read them again in the future.

I am excited by the fact the rest of this series is to be released soon. I can’t wait to read what happens next!


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