The Narrow Three by J.K. Miller II

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The Narrow Three by J.K. Miller IIThe Narrow Three (The Hunt for Emily Henderson Book 1) by J.K. Miller II, Jeraca Fite, Karen Gubbins
Genres: mystery

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For Nathan McLain, finding Emily Henderson has been the most difficult case. While he exposed his fiancé’s murderer, he knows the blood is really on Emily’s hands. So he devotes his keen investigative skills to finding her. If only he could. Her knack for disappearing without a trace leaves him kicking up dirt and chasing a shadow. Her victims never leave him so much as a flake of dried skin. So now, he’s on the hunt. She might be elusive, but she is still human. One day he’ll find her. He hopes.

This book is an acknowledged “novella.” That just means it lurks around 50,000 words. So, it’s a fairly short work that didn’t allow a lot of room for development of characters.

We start off by meeting Nathan McLain. He was previously a detective in Tennessee and moved to Tenaple, which is, as far as I can tell, a small town in the Tampa Bay, FL area. He became a private investigator who would periodically help the police out. The whole book kicks off with him in interrogation being questioned about a woman that was murdered. We later find out that it was his girlfriend, which of course makes him the prime suspect. By the end of the prologue, he’d managed to catch the real killer and get a confession. We are also semi-introduced to the elusive Emily Henderson.

Here’s where things went wonky, in my opinion. There’s really no time line going on here, so I’m not sure how long it was between the murder and catching the murderer. However, he’s already out chasing skirts and that just drove me nuts. He was supposedly so broken up he hadn’t managed to finish cleaning out all of Nancy’s stuff from his place, but that didn’t stop him. Maybe it’s a male/female difference. I don’t know. I do know it irritated me so much I almost set the book down.

Nathan was then asked to help out on a weird case happening in the city. Animals that normally didn’t bother anyone were all of a sudden attacking in strange ways and causing severe damage. The only thing Nathan found at the scene was a trace of blue goo.

Shortly after this point, if you can get past how many times this guy is with another woman, the story really kicks off and picks up speed.

I do wish there had been more character development, a little less random encounters with women, and more background on how, what, why on the blue goo. Perhaps that will be brought up in subsequent books. They will definitely be needed as this one ended with you hanging in the air. I will probably pick up the next book when it’s out and decide from there if I’ll read anymore of his work.

I decided to come back to this review and add a few things. First of all, this book was well-written. When the story picks up, it will grab you and drag you along. It was only my personal prejudice against the main character that caused the 3 star review. Okay, that and I like my books to have more to them. By more, I mean more character development, more behind WHY something is happening. However, if you like short books that get right to the point, then I would definitely recommend this book. You’ll probably enjoy it quite a bit.


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