Running Out of Time by Kim Mullican

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Running Out of Time by Kim MullicanRunning Out of Time by Kim Mullican
Genres: dystopian, apocalyptic

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A cosmic event has brought death and destruction to planet earth. The landscape has changed. Only a small portion of the human race has survived and now they face a new threat. Before Dr. Mark Stone retired from the CDC, his final assignment was to move all samples of viruses and bacteria to a top secret facility in Nashville, TN-a facility strictly off the books to avoid terrorists from stealing potentially deadly diseases. The building was supposed to be secured, but no one could have foretold of the massive earthquakes, floods, meteors, and tornadoes that would rip the planet apart. Now that the bacteria have bonded and mutated, they are face with real life zombies. Now the vials are broken, mixing and leaking into the heart of Nashville, infecting what few survivors exist. The CDC calls on one of the few surviving men with the knowledge to help them treat and contain the situation but Mark has problems of his own. Can he get his nanotech up and running before the human race is finally erased from the planet, or will he run out of time?

I have had the joy of reading some of Kim’s other work in the past. Running Out of Time is one of her newest offerings and all I can say is wow. From the beginning, you are grabbed by the throat and dragged through the entire story.

We are introduced to Dr. Mark Stone right from the beginning. It is his story and the book is written in 1st person point of view. He’s on his way home from his retirement party from the CDC when the entire world is turned upside down. At the same moment, around the entire world, disaster after disaster occurred. Tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes and more rocked the earth, changing it forever. Entire parts of continents fall into the ocean, the earth’s equator shifts location, and the world is turned upside down.

Unfortunately for many survivors, the CDC had moved it’s samples of the world’s worst bacteria and viruses into a secure location in Nashville, TN. While the facility could withstand just about anything, it was never designed to withstand everything nature could do. The combination of all the nasties escaping at once created a nightmare no one was expecting. Out of the chaos arose a true zombie apocalypse.

The book follows the brilliant Dr. Stone, who insists everyone call him Mark, as he fights for the survival of the planet. Salvaging what was left from his home near Nashville, he and his elderly father create a self-sustaining farm where they could remain safe while the world around them went crazy. Mark also began to work on a project to create nanotechnology they had once achieved, but had been shut down by the pharmaceutical companies.

We meet many interesting people throughout the book. We meet Mark’s father, who was a farmer up until the end. Nancy, who was a nurse. Keith who was brought into the compound when Mark needed to leave to help protect Nancy. On his journey, he met Misty, a 20-year-old who’d survived everything the new world had thrown her way and a young man named Sam. His winning combination was youth and knowledge of how to brew beer. 😉

Mark hid a secret as long as he could, but eventually, he was racing against time to create the one thing that could save the world.

Honestly, I love Kim’s style of writing, and I regret not reading more of her work sooner. There are a few moments where you need to suspend belief for a little bit, especially for you nerdy, geeky folk (I am one, so I understand). It WILL be explained, so hang in there. This book was previously self-published and is now under the control of Syn Publishing. The edition I read had some errors in it, but it’s about to undergo editing and will be cleaned up. I, personally, was so involved in the story that I only made little mental notes of them and kept going. I had to see how it ended. I am NOT a big fan of zombie apocalypse novels. However, she put it together in such a way that for once, I could believe how it could happen. Not one virus and bacteria, but many working together to create something unseen before. Now THAT I could get behind.

All in all, it was a fun read and I did not want to put the book down. I only did when it came time to do mundane mommy things like go get the kids from school and fix dinner. Otherwise, I was glued to this book. It was great.


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    You should write a review on goodreads for it because no one has yet. I added it to my list to check out.

    • E.J. Roberts

      That’s odd. Shortly after I wrote this review, I copied it out to Goodreads. I wonder if they just take awhile to show up or something? Sometimes, the working of the internet confuses me. 🙂

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