Rose Harbor in Bloom by Debbie Macomber

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4 star

I will begin by saying that Debbie Macomber is what I’d call a chick lit author. She focuses on writing about women who have run into trouble in their lives that knock their feet out from under them. In the course of her books, they dust themselves off and find a new path to follow. That could be anything from falling in love with an old flame, to repairing broken relationships, to finding their way in a new business. Rose Harbor in Bloom is no different.

This book is technically the second book of the Rose Harbor Inn series. Jo Marie Rose buys the Rose Harbor Inn after she gets a notification from the military that her husband’s helicopter was shot down in the mountains of Afghanistan and was killed. Though she had a profession in banking, she decided that wasn’t enough and walked away from it all. With the insurance money, she bought a bed and breakfast in a small town of Cedar Cove, located across the Puget Sound from Seattle, and named it Rose Harbor Inn in honor of her husband. She believes the inn will bring healing, not only to her aching heart, but to those who stay there.

Each book tends to span a single weekend. In this novel, we are reacquainted with Mark Taylor, a local handyman who can seem to do it all. Her guests this weekend include Mary Smith, who is battling stage 4 breast cancer and comes to Cedar Cove for reasons known only to herself. A fiftieth wedding anniversary party was also being planned and her inn was filled to capacity by the large party. However, we only meet Kent and Julie Shivers, the anniversary couple, Oliver Sutton who was a long time family friend who offered to drive them there, and their granddaughter Annie Newton. She was a party planner and had planned the fiftieth wedding anniversary down to the final details in order to help her forget her own troubles.

As the book continues, Debbie Macomber wraps everything up in a neat package like she always does. Honestly, her books are feel-good reads that are enjoyable as long as you can handle point of view changes. When Jo Marie is the main focus, it’s in first person. However, with each subsequent chapter the point of view changes as she handles the different story lines from the other characters. To some readers, this might be annoying and throw them off. However, I’ve read almost everything Debbie Macomber has written and it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m used to it.

As usual, I read this book in a single afternoon. I enjoy her writing a great deal. While I do love her books, I have yet to buy a single one, hence the 4-star rating. But I’m more than happy to recommend them to any female who is going through a difficult time and needs the encouragement to carry on. That is one thing Debbie Macomber is excellent at.

This book fulfilled the “book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet” challenge for 2015.


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